Hi, my name is Brandon Giesing

I create content based on fandoms.

I manage a user-controlled Linear TV Station Group called Pravox Networks.

Here's my story...

When I first got internet in 2006 at the age of 9, I was amazed at all the cool stuff I found. The internet was simpler than nowadays and I spent most of my time playing Sonic on my SEGA Genesis. Taking my interest in Sonic, I found a site named deviantART that had some great (and some really horrible) fan art that got me hooked! There I found lots of friends after not having much for most of my life due to my (what I later was diagnosed as) autism (which sometime makes it hard to misunderstand emotions). Since then, I have been making fan art, creating an original universe of characters, mashup videos, and song remixes. Alongside this, I loved Tech! I started to read up about hardware, beta test tons of new apps, and learn HTML and CSS to make websites. Over the years, I have made tons of projects from a radio station dedicated to TV and Game music to flashable ROMs for rooted and unlocked Nexus Android devices. Recently, I have been making a group of online TV stations controlled by users called Pravox Networks.

Check out some of my projects and passions

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Pravox Networks

Station Group of User-Controlled Linear IPTV

Open GApps (former)

Helped gather APK files and converted site to Jekyll

Vox Variety (former)

Variety Internet Radio that played more online, TV, and Game content than Top 40 hits.
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Famigo/Voxive GApps (former, merged into Open GApps)

A customizable AROMA-based GApps package
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Famigo ROM (former)

Custom ROM for the Google Nexus 7 (2012)
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Vox Remover (former)

Remove any system app automatically with ROM updates

CommonCosi's Fandom Fantasy

My personal Tumblr where I post a lot of crap basically and reblogs
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[BETA] My new blog!

Currently beta testing a new site/blog for BrandonGiesing.com here

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